Terms and conditions

1. If anyone wants to apply for My Business Union one should be informed that The lower age limit should be 18 years for both males or females as an online part-time working Student of the company. And those people who are under 18. They can still apply, but They're eligible only for learning.

2. One should also be informed that, the word of the company's head is the 'Final straw' or the final call, if the company deems that if a person's work is not up to the par or not up to the mark, the company's head has the full right to immediately expel him/her out of the company and terminate his or her company account without any prior notice.

3. One must train and work for the company for a period of 180 working days before getting the certificate of online part-time work from our company

4. One must be informed that the company asks for a meager sum of money as an admission fee which is a compulsory price that one must pay to earn the golden chance to both learn and earn from our company. The fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

5. One must have a steady social media profile or an account on popular social media platforms, as it is an essential and integral part of our company's work and also one of the best devices to spread our company's goodwill.

6. All the courses that are to be taught by the company to our Students will be designed by our company according to our work requirements, for the sole purpose of value addition and revenue generation.

7. The company gave you some points as a gift to grow your interest in learning, but the points are not fixed. It can be changed from time to time as per the company's requirements

8. After taking admission in our organisation, if anyone feels that someone misguide him and got him admitted here or if someone is not interested in learning then he can claim for refund within three days.
For claiming money refund, the person should have to mail to the below mentioned mail address
[email protected]
Refund will be processed within 1 day in the source account from which the admission fees was paid.

9. If any current Student of our company offers any another work proposal to another Student of our company then without any previous notice his or her I'd will be deactivated if he or she is caught doing this kind of activity. Besides if anyone speaks loudly or misbehaves with seniors then also he or she will be expelled without giving any previous notice.
In that case refund policy not applicable for that particular individual

The company does not provide any kinds of jobs .The company mainly provides online marketing skills The company supports your extra earning But it is not a long-term commitment

Terms and conditions for My Business Union Meet App

1. We use this app on My Business Union in order to provide the services like Counseling meetings, live classes, training classes, Support meetings, etc.
As it is a meeting app so some media access is needed.. such as:- I) File access Ii)Camera access iii) Microphone access iv) Picture in Picture mode access
N.B:-This app doesn't collect any personal information and also doesn't share any information of anyone.

2. If someone misbehaves after joining this meeting, the company has the right to remove him/her from the meeting immediately and will delete their I'd. If any current Student of our company creates any problem during this meeting then his or I would be deactivated.

People can use this app safe and securely. The moderator of this app is only the sub-admin's of the My Business Union. Except sub-admin's nobody could access the moderator section.