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The Main objective of this setup is how to develop Skill's on digital marketing And how to generate revenue on it

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Online Health Consultation

You may avail online consultancy with doctors on My Business Union.Normal medicines can be provided by the doctors if it is necessity. Doctors will not give any prescribed medication without any visual treatment. Only online consultancy will be provided for on behalf of the doctors on My Business Union. For this consultation the person will come to know about their own disease and could discussed with the doctors in this regards. The doctor will counsel on the best place to get treatment,the specialist doctor of that particular diseases and guide you the further necessary stpes. By the counsel of doctors on My Business Union you would able to get best treatment for your disease. All guidance will be provided verbally. You can be completely cured by taking the right treatment from the right place on the advice of the doctors on My Business Union.

Online Astrology Consultation

My Business Union astro consultancy offers you astrology consultancy in online i.e. your fortune is forecasted by reading the lines of your palm through online.My Business Union astro consultancy will listen all your problems and will come up the most proper solution in natural way and just generic advice. You may discussed about your concern related to your inner world, personality traits, love life, finances, professional life, marriage, marriage partners, parents, children, siblings, and friends in online consultancy and ask questions related to this issues and avail a guidance for remedial for this issues in your life. No rudraksha and maduli etc, are given or sold in online astro consultancy on My Business Union. This consultation will give you a stress free life in future.

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My Business Union platform gives you a corporate environment and helpfull digital marketing community

  • 19FEB
    We Held Free Training for Digital Marketing
  • 02MAR
    We Held Free Training for Basic Share market Knowledge
  • 20MAR
    We Held Free Training for Basic Cryptocurrency Knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions (F&Q)

My Business Union Platform is a platform where you will be able to enhance your performance through learning As you show your talents on Facebook, Instagram and tiktok etc like that you could able to show your talents in Yesnet Digital E-learning Platform as it is a digital marketing platform where you can learn. Besides learning you will be able to improve your work ability or performance.

Yes you need to pay admission fees for taking the course , product or services

Yes you can take this course or services from your home only because it's is a online process

There's not much requirements you will need for doing this Courses you just need an electronic device like a mobile or a laptop, a steady internet connection.

It's not a work or its not a job it's only a learning and earning process you need to join here as a learner besides of learning you will be able to earn selling some courses goods or services