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We work on the startup of My business union DIGITAL AWARENESS,

The work process of us is very easy and simple. You could be a part of it if you have some knowledge about it.

Why Important

Digital Awareness

As you know everything is developing and grewing digitally. At this time digital prosess is new to many of us. So unknowningly people become victims of digital scams. Not only that, the bank account is being hacked, money is withdrawn from the account by the hackers which you earn through your hard work.

As digital platform can make your life easy, in the same way digital platform is helpful for your earnings and in the same way wrong use of digital can lead to loss of your money.

If you are looking for a new way to promote your business
that won't cost you money,

If you are looking for a new way to promote your business
that won't cost you more money,

How to Get Digital Awareness

We give digital awareness through photo editing, video editing, lead generation and social media marketing and through website and groups. Our company can practically teach you digital awareness. By learning which you can make your life better and can earn through that.

How to Get

Financial Awareness

In today's we know how much is a price of tea cup compared to 5 years ago. Specially who is the only earning member of the family knows the expenses of today. So you need to be updated. And you need to know the exact place to invest your money because we have very limitations of work. We cannot work for too long. So everybody needs a limitations of work. So you need to invest your money properly and carefully


You can start a online business without investment. But it needs two or three more things which are the following:- Intelligency, Smartness, Patience These three things are most importan


We all want to earn a lot in life and there are two ways to do this. Either do job or start your own business Those people do jobs. 99% of those people lead a normal life. But once you start a business and become successful, you will never need to look back.


People who are doing business lead luxurious lives and in the past generation, both money and recognition were needed to do business. But in this developed world only patience and knowledge is needed.

How do we work on startup a online business?

If you want to step into the world of online business, then you can become successful by joining our company.

  • 1. To start a online business, first you need to have digital awareness.
  • 2.Financial management knowledge is important.
  • 3.Team management is also important.
  • how will you learn

    Earning individually with proper knowledge, you can keep yourself protected.
    by joining our digital awareness community you can spread digital awareness and keep yourself protected
    Digital Protection: We teach you how you can keep youself digitally and financially protected. i.e. browse through different website and join different whatsapp link and group without knowing how dangerous it is. So you can know this how to stay away from such by joining our community. You can easily know which group or link is correct for you and by connecting with us, we promise you that you will be totally updated for all this. If you want to earn money on individual basis by joining our community by photo editing, video editing and through Google you can


    If you are doing job somewhere or you are a housewife and want to earn on individual basis then you can invest your some money on the right place and can earn more. So for this you can take help from our financial team


    If you are having any product or you want to make any product or you want to sell our courses and earn then you can take help from our digital marketing team for support and guide.


    You can also be our business partner and make your earnin.


    for that our company will give proper support and guidance unless and untill you make your own identity or earn lakhs on monthly basis. Our company is always there unless and until you are financially stable. Money is created by human being, human beings is not created by money.So we are always ready for your financial stability.

    How to do your own business?

    if you want to make your own startup for instance as we are doing business you can also do the same or you can do something from your own for that also our company will be helping you. For example if you want to create your website and still worker or third business license (trade license, GST, PAN CARD, STARTUP CERTIFICATION ETC) our company will provide you.

    Now let's come to pricing i.e. fees If you want to keep yourself protected digitally and make your money through this then you have to give us 2000 rupees.

    If you want to do partnership business with us then the total expenses will be 70% .. 30% will be the profit margin. That means your company will get 15% profit and you will get the same. Now to make a company how much will be your expenses, 80% our company will be paid and rest 20% you have to spend

    To start a company, you need license and website. Only during the starting period you have to pay fifty thousand and day by day you need to spend more money. So for that out of fifty thousand 80% your partner will pay and rest 20% you have to pay which means company will give forty thousand and ten thousand you have to pay. And if you want to do your own business without partnership then you have to total fifty thousand and our company will provide website and license. After that company will not help you anymore. If you have any other idea then for that also we have option company will do seprate meeting with you and our company CEO will talk after seeing your project

    3.Team management is also important.

    Need Discount?

    On individual basis, We have two thousand discount. We will ask you some questions which we have discussed in our meeting,I hope you had listen carefully and if not I will provide you with some pdf and video which will help you to ans,if you give correct ans you will get 50% discount.

    Frequently Asked Questions (F&Q)

    My Business Union Platform is a platform where you will be able to enhance your performance through learning As you show your talents on Facebook, Instagram and tiktok etc like that you could able to show your talents in Yesnet Digital E-learning Platform as it is a digital marketing platform where you can learn. Besides learning you will be able to improve your work ability or performance.

    Yes you need to pay admission fees for taking the course , product or services

    Yes you can take this course or services from your home only because it's is a online process

    There's not much requirements you will need for doing this Courses you just need an electronic device like a mobile or a laptop, a steady internet connection.

    It's not a work or its not a job it's only a learning and earning process you need to join here as a learner besides of learning you will be able to earn selling some courses goods or services